Thursday, December 16, 2010


Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil is Britain’s channel 4 new star, succedor of Fashionista/fascination Alexa Chung. Replacing a known name amongst style influencers, Jam-Jam had a lot to live up to. And man, did she… A former model and English teacher, Jameela kept the best of both worlds. She claims oversized cardis to be the sexiest closet item she owns but isn’t afraid to go short-short and body hugging. With those legs, who wouldn’t? Flirting with masculinity (blazers and boots) and femininity (tight frocks and pretty heels), Jameela’s full oufits are a Rock’n’Roll, risk-taking boy-meets-girl sort of deal. Accentuating her small-sized curves in 50s cut dresses that gives both bust and waist a voluptuous look, Jam-Jam quotes Sophia Loren (constant influencer) ”All you see I owe to spaghetti” when talking of her own life- and style inspiration. In strapless patterend minis and hats, we have to ask, Alexa who?

Alexa chung

She's the British model turned actress, turned Tv-profile and now every ones favourite It-girl and style icon, she's Alexa Chung! What's desirable about Alexa is her simple and effortless style, and her young, fresh take on the classic pieces as well as what's trendy at the moment. She never overdo it, she just nails it. Take a cute little dress, layer it and match it with a fun handbag and messy hair like you just don't care, and you'll have miss Chung's London street chic style all wrapped up, exactly the way we all love it. Feminine but tomboyish, she's all long skinny legs up to here and a mouth that just newer shuts it. She's funny and so, so cool, watch her Mtv-show, It's on with Alexa Chung, and you'll wish you were lucky enough to hang with her so that some of her cool might rub off on you as well!


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